Any means to find out to use ARGUS?I want some help! – Rating: 11

8 thoughts on “Any means to find out to use ARGUS?I want some help! – Rating: 11”

  1. I would say the first message is spot. Argus is not something you can learn just watching videos. It is really hands on and you can add a lot of complexity. Try to look for a course where you can get certified and you will have a better idea. They also are pretty cool giving students access to the software.

  2. The answer depends on the expectations that you have set. If they know you aren’t an ARGUS user now it’s possible they will concentrate your exam on excel. ARGUS breaks out the online training into separate classes which might make it more affordable. Call them and find out if they will throw in a temporary copy of the software for a single class. Assuming that you can get a copy of the software and that you are confident underwriting a deal in Excel you can skip the intro course and go straight to rent roll and recoveries.

  3. Do you have friends in the industry that have it? You can practice on theirs while they’re probably working remotely. That’s the only way you’re going to get to it without paying.

  4. I would also add that you should really try and get your hands on an Argus license and work through a model or two to understand the underwriting in advance of the interview. Do you have any connection to a brokerage firm? Usually the CBRE’s of the world will push out Argus models with OM’s.

  5. Try Udemy courses by Justin Kivel, or try his website
    That guy has some amazing courses 🙂

  6. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. There is definitely a quick ROI whether that means getting hired faster or appearing more attractive to potential employers (thus finding a job quicker and making money ASAP).

    Anyways, I personally paid $1000+ for that Argus course 5ish years ago. I don’t regret it.

  7. I work in commercial real estate as a financial analyst at a large brokerage shop and offer 30 minute to 1 hour introductory virtual courses to Argus and how to build a simple model. It works great for interview prep. Let me know if you are interested!

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