Caught in a Study Analyst placement for a multifamily industry examine agency [CAREER ADVICE] – Score: 17

8 thoughts on “Caught in a Study Analyst placement for a multifamily industry examine agency [CAREER ADVICE] – Score: 17”

  1. With your background you’d be far better off targeting development positions. A lot of firms prefer people with urban planning and research backgrounds as that skillset is typically harder to teach than the finance side of things.

    Many development roles are all encompassing and will utilize your current skill set as well as teaching you financial modeling.

    This would be a much easier move in my mind that jumping to a more pure finance role like AM or acquisitions

  2. I’d put together a list of all the owners of section 42/section 8 properties in your target market and call or email every single one of them. You have a very niche but desirable skill set for the right employer. Affordable housing has a great deal of red tape, regulation, and bureaucracy, and if you understand it well, you automatically have a big value proposition for said firms.

  3. LIHTC multifamily developer here… Happy to answer questions. You have the right education and experience to get into a development role most likely as a project manager. You could also definitely jump into asset management.

    I just recently made a career switch/went back to school to get into the field.

  4. Well…. If it wasn’t COVID, if say you need to start the networking circuit and see what’s out there. However, yay COVID. New plan. You’re an analyst, so I suspect you know who is active in the sector you want to be in. I would suggest you start making cold calls and make some friends. Use your role as a foot in. Fortune favors the bold, and being able to cold call is necessary skill in the industry! Good luck!

  5. Are you saying that after 3.5 years you don’t have a really good handle on sourcing and documenting market rents for multifamily properties? 🙂 How advanced are your excel skills (VBA, XLOOKUP, INDEX, etc ?) and **FAR** more important what can you do with Excel? In other words can you create a sample rent roll, operating statement, and 5-10 year cashflow? Proficiency with single property type like multifamily is fine, and if you know the concepts of expense recoveries for commercial even better. I bet you are drastically underselling your professional value. Don’t take my word for it, confirm this with a few introductory calls with portfolio or asset managers, solely for the purpose of identifying your best fit. Start by searching for funds (ideal would be private with direct investment but public may be good) with a solid percentage allocated to multifamily, ideally with a stabilized or LI component. You aren’t asking for a job you are seeking guidance, and if you stick to this you’ll find a receptive audience.

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