Does anyone know about the economics of a self provide auto clean? – Rating: 18

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  1. I would assume you value the property based on the income it’s generating.. in addition to the sales comparison approach (would prob gather car wash sale comps for properties across the state).

    A couple questions — What is the highest and best use of the land? What is the likelihood of a rezoning?

    Another VERY important question is… are there environmental issues? It’s nearly impossible to finance a property with these issues. Not to mention the cost required to remediate it.

  2. Not what you’re talking about, but the luxury drive-thru washes basically print money. You really need to have someone that knows the operational side inside and out, however, because it is a very niche business. I worked on a ground lease years ago and their proformas and numbers from existing locations were mind boggling.

  3. If you can find one using recycled H2O for water supply, you will be surprised what revenue it brings to you. Land value appreciation is certainly a factor. Cash flow. Souvenirs sold, car detailing etc.

  4. Most of the older self serve ones that I have looked seem to have a lot of “read between the lines” type of income, since a lot of those are cash only. Some of the newer ones that accept credit cards actually make a bit of money, although nothing like the tunnel washes.

  5. I’ve acquired a few for my clients, definitely primarily a covered land play. No debt. It’s a small cash flow business that is more annoying than profitable. Will probably be mf after redevelopment.

  6. Car wash operations bring in a tremendous amount of revenue if set up to operate efficiently. I know several which net $300-400k a year in the DC area.

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