Everyone else believe pipeline administration for CRE investing could be completed far better? – Score: 6

7 thoughts on “Everyone else believe pipeline administration for CRE investing could be completed far better? – Score: 6”

  1. I mean step 1 for me is having my initial conversation and the last is getting a listing or doing a deal with them. For me, its simply tracking where they are in the process of being ready to commit to a sale or investment and building a knowledge base of their specific investment criteria and experience / data of properties for sale. I think that its less about pipeline management and more about tracking the cultivation of the relationship. How many times have I spoken with this person? Have they looked at any of my deals? Have we gone over their portfolio or investment goals? Are we on a first name basis? What is their criteria so I understand how they analyze and underwrite their deals?. Additionally, with sellers who can be difficult to approach / get across, I do as much property or market research as possible before I approach them. That way I approach them with less of an ask and more of a fill in these blanks for me type of dialogue.

  2. I’d be interested in seeing something like this . Trying to break my way into the investment team and could use any leg up!

  3. Speaking from previous experience at BB CMBS lending and now at a small REPE firm, I’ve only used excel. I think it’s an amazing idea and I’m pissed I didn’t think of it. So many easy improvements to make.

    Happy to help and talk more. Shoot me a DM.

  4. I’m a broker in CRE investments ( net lease & healthcare acquisition/disposition) and self-taught in the realm of tech and data science, and I have been thinking about this problem since my first internship after seeing how big of a mess it really is. Plenty of SaaS companies have tried to create a solution for it, but none so far have been a one-size-fits-all solution. I’m largely responsible for my company’s switch to our new platform for deal management, after testing every service that seemed to be a potential fit. While it greatly improved our process, there are still pieces that haven’t been solved. I know you’re talking about buy-side and not brokerage, but I’d bet that we share similar headaches. I plan to make the switch to your side of the table in the next few years, so I’d love to hear about your solution and offer any help that I can. Feel free to send a message, I’d appreciate the discussion.

  5. Have used Rethink it’s built on salesforce. For me it is more for sales/leasing than investing. I’m not using it for that, but it might be decent for it?

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