Giving Memorandum Price – Score: 1

6 thoughts on “Giving Memorandum Price – Score: 1”

  1. We paid our designer 1k for our OM template and 100 for each plug and play when we have a listing.

  2. As the receiver of countless offering memorandums, **please let me clue you into the harsh truth that the area overview, demographics, market analysis, and various filler crap in OMs are never read by lenders**.

    We only review the property details, financial analysis, and budget if you have one.

    Sorry, but it’s true.

  3. Charge per hour. The amount of work can vary significantly depending on how organized the client is. You don’t want to quote a fixed price and then have some guy mail you handwritten CAM recs and leases with 15 amendments a piece.

  4. A bit depends on the scope – are you building the entire book (graphics, layout, etc) or the items you list that will be entered into a template they now use? If you are building the financial analysis it will also depend on the asset type where you might consider charging based on information supplied (rent roll, operating statement, etc) and then some factor for size – # of leases, doors, units, etc. Output from market analysis tools, especially if the broker doesn’t have them, may be required.

  5. Depends on the quality of package and value of property. Would it be for a $3M NNN deal or a $30M industrial building? Creating in indesign or PowerPoint? Keep in mind you’d have to be a serious discount to competing brokerage services since you don’t have their credibility/full value proposition. How would you find the business? but to answer your question: if confident in your quality of work then I’d imagine $8k minimum is reasonable. Photography itself can cost $2.5k when putting a nice book together.

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