Is CMBS / Mortgage Home facts publicly available? – Rating: 4

3 thoughts on “Is CMBS / Mortgage Home facts publicly available? – Rating: 4”

  1. No. They are pulling it from Bloomberg who is pulling it from the servicers. Presumably if you had access to one of the servicers reporting portals you could pull it but you’d need to own a CMBS tranche to get in. Some of the banks will have all of the trusts available for view, but candidly I never knew if that was an error on their part or it was open access once you’re in the club. If it is open access I guess you could start pulling data but it would be a beast going through all of the monthly remittance reports for each of the gazillion (I think that’s a technical term) trusts they are MS on.

    Also RCA has a relatively recent CMBS portal; I can’t speak to whether it’s useful or not though as I have a Trepp subscription and a terminal.

  2. It is for Multifamily agency loans. Restrictions on how you use it, but the database is out there on their websites.

    As others have mentioned Commercial property/CMBS data is generally coming from Bloomberg and aggregators or servicing data.

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