JLL Cash Markets 2nd Spherical Internship Interview Suggestions – Rating: 16

8 thoughts on “JLL Cash Markets 2nd Spherical Internship Interview Suggestions – Rating: 16”

  1. Very familiar with the JLL Capital Markets internship.

    More behavioral/personality based. Only technical in the sense of – do you have some excel/modeling experience? Can you describe that experience? Are you studying/do you have at least some work experience in real estate? If so can you explain what you did and/or walk us through a deal?


    -See if you have connections to anyone in Capital Markets (doesn’t have to be the same office) and reach out to them and ask them for advice. The fairly young guys/girls only a few years out of college are your best bet.

    -Ask about the merger with HFF. Ask people which one they’re from. Let them talk about it.

    -Understand the difference between the sales side and the debt/equity slide and if you’d prefer one over the other.

    -Understand the difference between brokerage/principal side and why you’re applying to brokerage.

    -Understand the different product types and if you prefer one in particular.

    -Everyone will give you their business cards. You might meet with a lot of people coming in rounds/pairs. Email every single of them within 24 hours or so.

    -You don’t have to be a genius/whiz kid/excel monkey. If you seem like you have a ridiculous work ethic, are very sociable, and have at least a base level of RE experience, you’re on the right track.

  2. Try to find deals that they’ve sold or financed in the press and bring it up. Ask good questions. Maybe be prepared for super basic technicals

  3. I hope that’s a paid internship if they’re making you do multiple rounds of interviews. Good luck!

  4. How was first round? I’m beginning the interview process soon. Good luck with your second round!

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