Market and Prospecting Tools for new Business Real Estate Brokers – Rating: 3

6 thoughts on “Market and Prospecting Tools for new Business Real Estate Brokers – Rating: 3”

  1. I was recently in your shoes. 8 months in and growing at a rapid pace. Send me a DM and we can talk

  2. PowerPoint is where a lot of people start when making their own flyers. Loopnet can help you finding flyers, but there are a couple startups like Crexi that are trying to take on costar.

  3. I created my own OM’s after some research using word, Excel, etc. IMO, flyers have always looked cheap and like the broker was inept or didn’t care much. What MSA are you in? This can determine what prospecting might look like.

  4. It depends on how many listings you will need to market. If you are low volume then why not make them yourself with powerpoint like the others have said. I use canva and that is really easy to learn and makes some great looking flyers in a snap.

    However, if you are super busy, and you have 100+ things you are trying to market, I would take a look at buildout. It was like $450/ month per user but if you are busy its worth it. It’s like having a marketing assistant.

    It allows you to fill out the info on the listing and then from there, buildout auto-populates a flyer/email/OM from the info you provide. You can send blast emails from buildout. They also build a part of your website that links to any new listings you create in buildout.

    It’s super helpful and I see most of the bigger shops using it these days.

    As far as getting away from costar, I am not sure.

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