My Costar Estimate was Crazy as predicted – particulars inside – Rating: 30

13 thoughts on “My Costar Estimate was Crazy as predicted – particulars inside – Rating: 30”

  1. I’m surprised it’s that cheap for LA. If you actually do business this is a nice little barrier to entry – just enough to keep the Realtor(R) crowd out, but easily paid for out of even the smallest commissions.

  2. unpopular opinion: the people that bitch about costar all the time are the ones that secretly know they couldn’t do their job without it.

    Not an attack at you just a general statement lol.

  3. I am pretty much a one man operation in Chicago. I probably pay about that for costar on an annual (this year I did a few gold ads so add 9k), 2,500ish for loopnet I think. For better or worse they have a stranglehold on the market. To be perfectly honest though my fees were a drop in the bucket so I don’t mind too much. If you’re planning on doing a handful of 1,000 sf leases per year it’s probably not worth it. If you’re doing any acquisition, sales, development, management, large leasing etc. it easily pays for itself.

  4. Seems pretty reasonable…Bloomberg uses a non-sliding scale for Equities and costs 24k per year. The data both companies offer is comparable for their respective industries.

  5. Yeah they are not cheap but they will negotiate decently far for a contract. Are you willing to commit for a few years?

  6. Yes, but there is more.

    First these are starting rates for a brokerage. There is a different rate scale for owners, vendors, PMs etc. Same product, different price. If you do more than one thing…. Ask your rep what your options are.

    Also there is often a discount for multi-year contracts.

    Also – there is 4.5% yearly rate increase. You will NOT receive a friendly email from CoStar Corp reminding you, and by the time you have an invoice/pmt withdrawal with the rate increase you’ll be outside of the 60 day notification of cancel prior to renewal. However – if you buy from a local rep vs the call center in DC/VA, you have a better chance of negotiating a credit to cover the increase. As everyone is working over the phone ask what market the caller is from. The local reps are proud to be local vs the call center guys.

  7. They call me and I basically break into a comedy routine how they are calling me for market data… to sell back to me… oh how we laugh.

  8. They offered you no contract? I am speaking with them for the last couple of months and they won’t budge to give me a 6-month contract, only 12 months. Can I have the name (if you want to DM me) of your rep?

  9. My issue is i pay $195/mo for costar and then 223/mo for just 3 listings through loopnet its nuts

  10. I work for costar in Cincinnati. Feel free to DM me for a straight answer on any of the costar or LoopNet or gold ads

    I have been here for 3.5 years and know it in and out

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