NY Town (Murray Hill/Kips Bay) business house representation – Score: 1

3 thoughts on “NY Town (Murray Hill/Kips Bay) business house representation – Score: 1”

  1. You charge ~2.5% listing the property. $5Kx12((per year)x.025=? In west coast like SF, no inside hair grooming is permitted now. Very soon they will ban outside also. $10/sf NNN seems to be excessive.

    No, it is not loopnet, Costar has a number of these business sites is where you advertise. Basic plan is $150 ish min 6 month. MLS is another direction, I have no trouble pick up one of those business for sale, restaurants as majority are going to be out of business and will be evicted after the commercial moratorium.

  2. You should partner with someone who is actively in the CRE business who knows all these answers. You are doing a disservice to the client if you are making it all up as you go along. Look for an independent CRE firm in your area as they can be more creative and will likely be more willing to work with you. If you want a good resource for learning the basics of the CRE business, I highly recommend you go to [tdogs.com](https://tdogs.com) and purchase the How to Fast Track series for $695. If you even remotely serious about getting into the CRE business, you will make this investment in yourself.

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