Thinking about a leap from the principal facet to brokerage – Score: 10

5 thoughts on “Thinking about a leap from the principal facet to brokerage – Score: 10”

  1. From my experience I jumped from brokerage to the principal side (acquisitions) and to be honest I think you should look into those roles as well. The compensation packages vary from company to company and region (I am in SoCal) , but a majority of these company’s give bps per deal they find and transact on. Some even give profit sharing , etc. A colleague of mine interviewed for a mid level position that was 120 k base salary, with a couple bps per deal closed. And they do around 500-800 mm a year , so depending on his performance total package was looking around 375k. It depends on the company, and product type.

  2. To be fair to your investment firm, there’s a lot of dry powder these days and principals are a little reluctant to deploy to anything more than core and STNLs. But brokers are doing well, M&M and CBRE have been acquiring boutiques left and right so there might be exit potential for you there too.


    Not a bad idea, but like u/Pilibos said, acquisitions typically has good all-in compensation, much of which comes from bps. And compared to brokers, I don’t know. I honestly don’t care how much my brokers make, but my company takes care of its people to say the least. Do consider acquisitions, but opportunities to join brokerages (especially what your connection presented) are certainly worth considering

  3. In any sales type role there should hopefully not be any cap on on your compensation. The more you hustle the more you make. Sounds like a solid move to me

  4. I do not think this is high at all. Totally depends on the market and the relationships your shop has built.

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